Date Night? Discover the Hearing Loop

The start of the year is always a quiet time, after many over-scheduled weekends full of traveling and countless activities most of us are looking for a way to wind down. What better activity is there in Simi Valley than going to the movies. Sitting in a comfortable, dark theater with snacks galore is the best way to decompress.

hearing loop in movie theaters

For those who use a hearing aid to treat their hearing loss, this may not seem like such a relaxing adventure. The surround sound, noisy guests and background noise can make hearing the actors on the screen nearly impossible.


While many may simply give up on the idea of this fun family outing, you don’t have to. Classrooms, conference centers, places of worship and, you guessed it, even movie theaters have specially designed systems to help those in Simi Valley who use hearing aids.


There are three types of assistive listening systems: hearing loop, infrared and FM. Each is ideal for a different setting. Movie theaters typically employ the hearing loop, which requires a telecoil enabled hearing aid. A telecoil (often also referred to as a t-coil) is a coil of wire that works as a wireless receiver. The hearing loop is made up of three parts: a sound source, an amplifier and a thin loop of wire that surrounds the room. As long as you are within the wire loop, the sound picked up by the amplifier is passed as an electromagnetic signal directly to the telecoil within your hearing aid, thus eliminating any distracting background noise.


If you are visiting a local theater in Simi Valley you may be hesitant to assume they have such a fancy system. But don’t worry, in 1990 the Americans with Disabilities Act required that all places of public accommodation with fixed seating that either accommodate at least 50 people or have an audio amplification system (or both) must provide an assistive listening system.


Before going to the theater it’s always a good plan to check their website. If they have this symbol,

It means there is an assistive listening device at the theater. This symbol:

indicates that a t-coil hearing loop is available.


Don’t let your hearing impairment get in the way of having a good time. If you have any questions about how to get the most from your hearing aid, contact your Simi Valley audiologist.

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