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by Rick L. on Decibel Hearing

I got a new set of Oticon hearing aids just over a month ago from Dr. Baker, here in Thousand Oaks, California.  More about that in a minute.

I have worked in the entertainment industry most of my life and my ears have been abused by everything from military duty gun fire, special effects explosions, Fourth of July celebrations, rock and roll during the era called “The Wall of Sound,” screamers on headsets, big bands, orchestras and live audiences for the past 50 some years.  Needless to say, I’ve needed hearing aids for some time now.

I got my first set of aids about 20 years ago and hated them!  I have been wearing a wide variety of hearing aids since that time and have pretty much hated them all.  The vast majority of them have basically been volume control devices and when I’d take them off at night, my ears felt like they’d just left a Rolling Stones concert. The sound quality from the old aids wasn’t very good at best and I found that I was continually having to adjust them as I moved from one room to another or from the car to the parking lot to the restaurant or wherever.  This became such an ordeal that I often resorted to not wearing them at all and just asking people to speak up a bit.  Because of that, I didn’t hold out much hope for my new Oticon aids.  That was then – this is now.

What a wonderful difference!  They work with my iPhone, so no pairing up with a separate control device that often didn’t want to cooperate with the pairing up efforts.  I got the behind the ear version and even my wife has trouble seeing them from up close.  It is not at all unusual for me to hear new sounds – little chirping birds, all of the instruments in an orchestra, the little beeps from our microwave, squirrels barking –  too many new sounds to mention here.  The sound is also very natural.  They bring back memories from when I was a kid and had no hearing problems.  Awesome, dude!They are so natural and comfortable that sometimes when I get ready to go to a meeting I’ll think that I need to put my (old) hearing aids on and then realize that I’m already wearing my Oticons.  I now wear them all day every day.  I also have the TV device and at night if my wife has already fallen asleep and has left the TV on, I’ll tap the icon on my iPhone for the TV and that sound is fed directly into my hearing aids.  I then can turn the TV sound completely off and catch the late news or whatever program I want to watch – and hear!  So cool!  I can also have my cellphone calls fed directly into the aids.Finally – I also have tinnitus and have downloaded the free app into my iPhone and love to play those sounds directly into my aids.  Very soothing.I could not be happier with the Oticons – unless, of course they were free.

by S.C. on Decibel Hearing
Extremely Helpful

I have been seeing Kelley Bannon for my hearing needs for about 12 years. I couldn’t be more delighted with all the help she has provided. She has always recommended the best hearing instruments for me. I am a Notary Public, so it is extremely important that I be able to hear my clients clearly to do my job. It would be impossible for me to do what I do without hearing aids. I am very active in sports, so I have special considerations required with the hearing aids I use. Kelley has kept me in the best ones for my lifestyle. If there is ever a problem the office is always extremely helpful in resolving any issues I may have. So thank you, Kelley and everyone at Decibel Hearing Services, for keeping me on the road!

by ROBERT F on Decibel Hearing

My wife and I have been clients for many years, never disappointed by the service and care from Ellen Baker and her staff. Short wait times, personal attention and a thorough, informed solution every time.

by John D on Decibel Hearing
Many Thanks

Dear EllenI want to thank you for all your help and guidance that you have provided for all these years.It is so nice coming to your office because I find that you are always concerned about my well being.I not only consider you my audiologist I consider you my friend. I wish that there were more people like you who truly express care and concern.Thank youJohn

by Marion A on Decibel Hearing

Thank you Ellen Baker and Kelly Bannon for your professional attention to my hearing problem. Adjusting to hearing aids has been a challenge for me, but you make it easier with your caring and expertise. I am so glad I found you!

by Xenia O on Decibel Hearing

Dear Dr. Baker,I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for your services, your commitment to quality care and for caring.I am so excited to start the new year hearing, yes actually hearing what is happening around me. I am now able to join in on conversations knowing for sure that I know what is being discussed. I am no longer fearful of making comments that are not related to the conversation topic. I can have a discussion with the grocer during checkout. I can ask a waitress about things on the menu with full confidence I will be able to hear her answer. I can participate in work meeting. I can order food through the drive thru and the list just continues. I don’t have to depend on others to hear for me. I compare my hearing improvement with the hearing aids to being in the dark and having someone turn the lights on. It has truly been a blessing to have to ability to hear and be an active participant of my environment.Thank you again so much for not only providing me with hearing aids but for your professional and high quality care. You always take the time to adjust my hearing aids to my comfort level, I have never felt rushed or uncomfortable. You and your staff are just amazing!