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Decibel Hearing Services provides a variety of hearing healthcare services including hearing tests and rehabilitation, hearing aids, and balance services for all ages. Our center also fits and dispenses the latest technology in digital hearing aids and related assistive listening devices to suit all types of hearing loss, life styles and budgets. Assessments regarding the type of amplification that would be best suited to our clients are generally completed following a comprehensive hearing evaluation by our audiologist. Results are discussed immediately, with reference to our clients input, so that appropriate and satisfying recommendations are made.

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Experiencing High-Frequency Hearing Loss?

As we age, so do our inner ears. Because of this, there are certain high-frequency sounds that we simply cannot hear as we get older. High frequency hearing loss leads to trouble hearing the voices of women and young children as well as s, h or f sounds.

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Considering Hearing Aids?

About 9 in 10 patients with hearing loss can be helped by hearing aids. New devices are smaller and more powerful than ever. We carry a full lineup of hearing aids from the industry’s leading manufacturers, with options for a vast array of lifestyles and budgets.

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Time to Upgrade?

Hearing aid technology has improved drastically over the past couple of decades. Modern devices include many state-of-the-art features designed to improve comfort, convenience and clarity. One of the latest, and most welcome, breakthroughs in hearing aid technology is rechargeable batteries.

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