Hearing Test

hearing test - thousand oaks - simi valleyThere are different hearing tests that a doctor will use to diagnose your hearing ability and possible causes of any hearing loss. These tests include physical exams, general screening hearing tests, tuning fork tests and audiometer tests.

During a physical exam, a doctor will look into your ear for possible causes of hearing loss such as earwax or inflammation. Your doctor will also be able to see any structural causes of hearing problems.

A general screening hearing test will gauge how well you hear words spoken at various volumes or other sounds by covering one ear at a time.

Tuning forks are metal instruments that produce sound when struck. Like a general screening test, sound from a tuning fork will help detect hearing loss. It may also determine if hearing problems are caused by damage to the vibrating parts of your middle ear or damage to the sensors and nerves of your ear.

An audiologist may conduct more advanced hearing test through audiometer tests. Wearing earphones, you will be asked to respond to sounds directed to one ear at a time.