Baseline Hearing

It always amazes me that our primary care doctors send us for all sorts of tests as we hit another milestone in our lives, yet rarely refer us for a hearing test. I think because hearing loss is not “life and death”, it gets put on the back burner until something happens.

hearing testing But it is important to get a complete hearing evaluation at some point—maybe at 40 or 50. Certainly by age 60 we should have a record of what our hearing is. This test is not to sell a product, but to determine where your hearing acuity and ability to understand words is at.

I tested someone last month whose hearing had decreased suddenly, then came back up a little after treatment. She is 57 years old. I could let her know where her hearing is at this point, but I could not tell her if her hearing came all the way back up or not because I didn’t have anything to compare it to.

My advice to all people, whether you have good hearing or not, is to get a complete audiological evaluation at some point so you can always use it as a reference. And if there is a family history of hearing loss, it is good to document as soon as possible.


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