Celebrate the Sounds of Your Life

The American Academy of Audiology is using the slogan of “celebrate the sounds of your life” as a tribute to May as Better Hearing Month. I particularly like this expression because it reminds me that there is so much to listen to that is beautiful.

I’m not sure we realize how much of the world around us comes from auditory input. We tune out many sounds like refrigerator hums and distant planes in the sky because our brains tell us those sounds are not important to listen to right now. But how lovely to hear the birds in the backyard or the laugh of a young grandchild!

I was taking a walk on a trail last weekend. At first, I felt it was so quiet in the woods and canyon. Then I heard the faint music from a wind chime in the distance. It was both relaxing and rejuvenating at the same time. All from a soft sound dependent on the breeze. The sounds of our life include not only listening to speech and music but all these wonderful ancillary sounds as well. They bring a fullness and enjoyment to all our lives.

May the month of May (and every month) find you celebrating and enjoying all the wondrous sounds of your life.


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