Don’t Let Hearing Loss Affect You Career

For decades, our society has attached social stigma to losing your hearing. More often than not, a hearing impairment is attributed to older demographics. Therefore, treating hearing loss through the use of hearing aids has become a stigmatized action as well. Treating a hearing impairment is a critical part of maintaining an individual’s overall health, as untreated loss had been shown to threaten a person’s emotional, mental and physical health. Further studies have also shown hearing loss to negatively impact an employee’s job performance.
hearing loss and your career

In our communication-dependent society, hearing can be essential to successfully performing routine work-related tasks, such as participating conference calls or interacting with the public. When an individual suffers from some degree of hearing loss, these responsibilities can be more challenging. If an employee must overcome additional barriers when performing these tasks, his or her job performance is likely to suffer.

The effects of losing your hearing in the workplace extend beyond communicating effectively with others. Because our auditory system includes areas the of brain, those with hearing impairment may also suffer from a decline in cognitive function. Studies have shown that when even a mild loss is present, there is a significant increase in cognitive load. This indicates that individuals with an untreated hearing loss have to put in an additional effort to comprehend sounds and commit them to memory. Other conditions associated with untreated hearing loss include heightened anxiety, depression and social withdrawal—all of which can negatively impact job performance.

Though hearing loss has the capacity to impact an individual’s career, it doesn’t have to. The use of a hearing aid provides you with the tools to once again communicate and process sounds effectively. Studies have shown individuals with one or more hearing aid even earn a high salary than those with untreated hearing loss. If you suspect you may have a hearing loss, schedule a hearing test with a hearing health professional for a full diagnosis of your condition. To find a provider of digital hearing aids in Simi Valley, contact our team of expert audiologists today!

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