Future of Hearing in the Classroom


As many as 12% of children in the United States experience some degree of noise-induced hearing loss. For these children, additional barriers in the classroom make it more challenging for them to keep up with academics. In fact, children with hearing loss are likely to have lower grades than their peers. Due to the invisible nature of hearing loss, these problems may often go unnoticed. However, new technological advancements are making it easier for hearing-impaired students to receive an equitable educational experience.

Students with hearing loss often struggle to understand the teacher due to background noise and a reliance on reading lips. One method of improving hearing in the classroom with proven success is the FM system, a wireless system designed to capture, filter and deliver sound directly to an individual’s digital hearing aids. Utilizing an FM system helps to reduce distractions from ambient noise, allowing the student to focus on significant sounds, take notes and interact with the class.

FM systems have always been widely used, but recent developments have made these devices more effective than ever before. Newer devices have a more advanced capacity to filter through background noise, offering crystal clear sound delivery. Additionally, new wireless systems like the Roger Pen, which operates similar to an FM system, do not provide feedback when multiple devices are present.

Some students prefer different methods of receiving information. For example, C-Print is a speech-to-text technology that uses trained a captionist to type up classroom conversations and lectures in real-time. This method is especially useful for deaf and profoundly hearing-impaired students

If you or a loved one is struggling with hearing loss in an educational environment, new solutions may provide relief. To learn more about the latest hearing loss treatments or to find quality hearing aids in Thousand Oaks, California, we welcome you to contact our staff at 805.449.2380.

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