Hearing Resources for Students

School can be a difficult time, especially for students who are deaf or hard of hearing; these students face challenges many others do not, such as hearing or understanding the lectures and working on group projects with others. According to the nonprofit Deaf to Work, 19 percent of deaf or hard-of-hearing individuals in the U.S. are underemployed. This is why education for deaf students is essential. Luckily, there are tools to help.

Affordable Colleges Online offers college advice for deaf and hard-of-hearing students, which includes possible career paths, accessibility tips and resources to be successful in school. It also discusses steps to take when transitioning into college when you are experiencing hearing loss.

Community for Accredited Online Schools has information to support deaf and hard-of-hearing students such as tools, technology and key resources to cultivate academic success. It goes in-depth about the technology that is available that can help students with hearing loss succeed in the classroom. It also includes information for educators so they can create a learning environment conducive to student success.

For more information about how you can succeed in school despite your hearing loss, you can visit the links above as well as meet with one of our audiologists to review the best hearing solution for you.

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