Hooray for Rain!

All of us living in Southern California know that we have experienced drought for way too long. So when this season’s rains came, I think most of us rejoiced. But I have had some of my clients say they don’t wear their hearing aids then.

hearing aids in the rain

I just want to reassure people that it is okay to wear the hearing aids even in the rain. Obviously if you are standing in a downpour getting drenched, it is not good for the device. But if you are just doing errands, running from the car to a shop or home, the hearing aids should be fine.

Today’s hearing aids are water resistant (although not waterproof) and can really handle moisture well. My husband accidentally went swimming with one once and after he dried it out, it still worked perfectly. (I don’t recommend this however).

If you are prone to perspiration or love to be out in the rain, you can still put the aids in a drying device like the Dry Dome at night. This should remove any moisture that is still in the aids.

So enjoy our rainy weather with your aids. Hearing the patter of raindrops can be just as pleasurable as listening to music.


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