How Hearing Loops Can Improve Your Moviegoing Experience

Moviegoing is a popular pastime for many people in California and across the country. Whether you’re visiting your friendly neighborhood cineplex for a sequel, a prequel or – hey, it happens occasionally! – an original new film, catching a flick is a fun and relaxing way to while away a couple of hours while eating enough popcorn to feed a third world nation. But if you’ve got hearing loss in Simi Valley, the moviegoing experience can be less than pleasant. Connecting to a hearing loop can help.

The Benefits of Hearing Loops

wire loops

A hearing loop, or induction loop, is a system that transmits sound directly to your hearing aids using electromagnetic energy. A complete system contains a sound source, an amplifier, a loop of cable and a receiver or telecoil. Once you’re in close range of the hearing loop, your hearing aids will pick up a clear signal free of background noise. Nowadays, most hearing aids feature built-in telecoils, thin strands of copper wire designed to receive magnetic transmissions from public audio systems.

The benefits of hearing loops are plentiful and include:

  • Easy, discreet, instantaneous communication access for people with hearing loss
  • A simple, low-maintenance way for public venues to provide communication access to the hearing-impaired
  • Universal hearing access for those who wear hearing aids
  • Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other local/state laws for public venues looking to improve communication access
  • An inclusive, welcoming and thriving hearing-friendly community for all

Looping technology is becoming increasingly popular and widespread in many public venues throughout Simi Valley and Thousand Oaks. Induction loop systems have been set up in arenas, classrooms, auditoriums, churches, airports, malls, shopping centers and, of course, movie theaters. As standardization of t-coil switches by the various hearing aid manufacturers continues, the number of hearing loop systems is expected to grow in the coming years.

Other Tips for an Enjoyable Big Screen Experience

Those with hearing loss in Simi Valley don’t have to rely solely on hearing loops to have a positive moviegoing experience. Assisted listening devices are another way you can give your hearing aids a boost in difficult listening environments. Popular devices include FM systems, which amplify sound and send it directly to your hearing aids via radio signals; infrared systems, similar in concept but utilizing beams of infrared light instead of radio waves; and personal amplifiers that allow users to aim directional microphones in the direction of an audio source to increase its volume.

For more information on hearing loop systems and other assisted listening devices, contact your Simi Valley audiologist today.

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