Love My Music and Love My Hearing

It seems as if I have been to more concerts lately than I did in my youth! My kids don’t know what to get Mom & Dad for presents anymore so they give us tickets to shows. My husband and I are thrilled with these kinds of gifts because we might not have thought to get tickets for ourselves. In the last few months we have seen Springsteen, Van Morrison and The Who. We also went to the Simi Valley Cajun and Blues Festival (which as an added note I highly recommend).

Hearing aids simi valleyBut, as you might imagine, the sound level at these events is crazy loud. I enjoyed every minute of them though because I used my musician’s earplugs. These are especially designed to bring down the overall loudness level, but keep the music and voices true without sounding muffled. They worked really well for the concerts in the LA Sports Arena and at Staples Center. Because the venues are so large, the music had a lot of distortion and reverb that made it sound uncomfortable and “not right”. Once again my TRU musician’s plugs took out all the distortion and reverb so I heard everything clearly, just at a lower volume (it was still loud enough to rock out to).

So if you are still going to loud concerts, want to protect your hearing and still enjoy the music, musician’s earplugs are your answer. They are custom made to your ears so they fit beautifully. We also have non-custom plugs that work well also. For those of you who are the musicians, we can also make in-the-ear monitors.

If you are interested, come on in to the office and I’ll show you all the options.

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