Talking to Your Boss About Hearing Loss

There are 48 million people in Simi Valley and throughout the country with hearing loss. Many of these individuals are still actively working in an office. So, the question often comes up: how do you deal with your hearing loss at work?

Over the past few decades, hearing loss has become less of a taboo topic and is often openly discussed. Hearing aids are getting more and more discreet, so it is not uncommon for people to be unaware that you are even wearing one. Since no device is perfect, there is still a chance you could miss a comment in a meeting or not catch that last response from a coworker before walking away. Because of that, it is important to be diligent about handling your hearing loss at work.

Should You Tell Your Boss? Talking to Your Boss About Hearing Loss in Simi Valley

In short, yes. While it is easy to tell yourself since your hearing loss is not affecting your work you do not need to disclose it, you will only be able to advocate for yourself if you are honest with your coworkers. Informing them can open up a dialogue, which gives you the opportunity to help them understand your communication needs.

Letting others know also allows you to ask for the things you need. Maybe reading the minutes following a meeting would ensure you didn’t miss anything. What about being provided with an agenda beforehand so you can prepare? None of these will be offered unless you speak out.

While your Simi Valley audiologist generally recommends being honest, trust your instincts. If you feel disclosing your hearing impairment could put your job at risk, then there are bigger issues at play. Please note, employers are legally required to make reasonable accommodations for those with hearing loss.

Timing is Important

If you are one of the many individuals with hearing loss who do not utilize a hearing aid, make sure you monitor your situation at work. When presenting your manager with the news of your hearing loss, be sure to also propose a solution. This can be the use of a hearing aid or even a collection of tips you think will help you better communicate with others.

As you can see, there are often more benefits than downsides to being open and honest with your coworkers. To learn more, contact your Simi Valley audiologist today.


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